Welcome to our Kitchen!

We're thrilled to have you here! We're the team that created Vegan Fest and our many recipes.

Vegan Fest! started as an annual festival where vegans and non-vegans alike could come together for delicious, healthy, and free food.

As organizers, we've decided to bring the best vegan recipes from that festival to you, around the world!

Among our staff we have cookbook authors, nutritionists, photographers, and graphic designers all collaborating together in this labor of love.

We hope you'll share with us your successes (and failures!) and help create an inclusive atmosphere for all of us to grow and learn together.

About Vegan Fest!

Welcome to Vegan Fest!

We're a group of vegan photographers, bloggers, nutritionists, and cookbook authors.

We created Vegan Fest! to show others how easy it can be to make delicious and healthy vegan food without compromising taste. We want every reader to feel capable and inspired to create whatever style of recipe they desire.